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Forever Mighty

Resources for traveling thoughtfully and experiencing Utah most fully.
Wherever we travel in the world, we can find communities and individuals who are the local stewards of their place. Our destination is their home, their passion. 
When we consider natural history and human heritage, how shall we encounter such a place? Traveling responsibly means planning ahead. Reading ahead. Slowing down when possible and stopping to fully appreciate all that is around you, whether you’re traveling alone or with friends and family. For some, it can mean giving back. Becoming ambassadors of place. And coming back year after year. Visiting Utah is about so much more than recreation. It’s about soul-awakening adventures. It’s about a shared ethic we call Forever Mighty.
  • Community Engagement

    Community Engagement

    Visitors to Utah on a road trip are sure to find themselves in places like Torrey, Springdale, Escalante, Moab, not to mention the metropolitan areas of St. George, Provo, Ogden and Salt Lake City. Utah’s cities are alike in their close ties to the natural world around them, from the towering red rock walls near Springdale to the backyard mountain range and national forests near Salt Lake City. Get to know the locals through their restaurants, bars, arts and outfitters. Artwork: Anne Kaferle

  • Night Skies

    Night Skies

    Long after the sun sets, the real show begins in Utah, which has one of the highest concentrations of accredited dark sky places on the planet. On a clear night, you’ll see more stars than you thought possible. Time it right and you’ll even see the majesty of our solar system. Plus, protecting and experiencing our night skies has benefits beyond recreation — it can change the way you look at the world. Photo: Austen Diamond

  • Geology


    The scale of things in Utah will amaze you. Much of the rock here has barely been softened by soil or forest. As you interact with the rocky skin of the earth, consider the millions of years of geologic time that went into shaping and coloring it. Here, we interact firsthand with the deep wildness of our planet. Photo: Angie Payne

  • Hiking and Camping

    Hiking and Camping

    Hiking through the deserts of Utah, notice the soil. Knobby, black bumps line many trails. These knobby black lumps of soil — along with many less obvious patches — aren't just any soil. They are living, biological crusts. When soil stability is compromised, large amounts of soil can blow and wash away. This can wreak havoc on ecosystems hundreds of miles away. Monitor current conditions, hike with care, use existing campsites. Photo: Sandra Salvas

  • Utah's Historic Sites

    Utah's Historic Sites

    When visiting a historic site from one of Utah’s many Native American Tribes, a good rule of thumb is "Respect and Protect." Enjoy the sites and take photographs, but be aware that touching accelerates the erosion process. If you’re traveling with children, engage them in protecting these sites and wild lands to help shape a future generation of stewardship. Photo: Rosie Serago

  • The Mighty 5

    The Mighty 5

    You’re drawn to the icons of Utah’s national parks but yearn to better understand them. A Southern Utah adventure is even more engaging when you’ve thought about the natural and human history of these forever places. It took eons to create them through the gradual forces of nature, water, wind, time. It’s no wonder people journey to these places year after year. For all, we encourage you to be mighty: Come as you are but leave the land as it is. Photo: Andrew Burr

  • Regional Travel

    Regional Travel

    Marquee outdoor recreation destinations like Moab and Zion National Park put Southern Utah on the map. Dig a little deeper, and the world-famous landmarks, bike trails, and picture-perfect viewpoints become wrapped in the rich heritage and traditions of a timeless land with ancient stories. Each national park anchors a vast region of endless natural beauty and culturally significant landscapes. Shape lasting memories by taking your time to learn about your region. Photo: Angie Payne

  • Responsible Travel

    Responsible Travel

    Tread Lightly, and Leave No Trace! in Utah by modeling appropriate behavior and leaving the areas you visit better than you found them. Practice minimum impact camping and pack out what you pack in. On off-highway vehicles, minimize your impact by traveling only in areas and on trails open to them. Photo: Angie Payne

  • Reconnect with Wildness

    Reconnect with Wildness

    In Utah, remarkable details surround you everywhere you look. It’s these details that immerse you in the state’s wildness, making the health benefits of nature ever-apparent. Travel prepared, responsibly interacting with the places you visit. While you’re here, enjoy the intimate wildness that comes along every time you slow down, step out of your car, walk a few feet, walk a few more, pause and look around. Photo: Andrew Burr

Reading for Well-Prepared Travel

How-to Utah Resources

Visit Utah's National Parks Like You Know What You're Doing

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Many of the natural wonders found in Utah are hundreds of millions of years old. Though they’ve existed for eons, that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to exist for eons more. In order to get the most out of a visit to Utah’s parks and monuments, while also ensuring they stay Forever Mighty, we’d love for you to follow these tips.

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Leave No Trace

Follow the seven principles of Leave no Trace, no matter what Utah activities you take on:
Plan ahead and prepare.
Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
Dispose of waste properly.
Leave what you find.
Minimize campfire impacts (be careful with fire).
Respect wildlife.
Be considerate of other visitors.

Support Local

Planning extra time in your trip to pause and enjoy the towns along your itinerary introduces you to the local flavors and personalities who draw their inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds them. Even better, visiting their restaurants, local shops and outfitters supports local and helps keep those communities vibrant, thriving and welcoming.
Explore Utah’s top airport cities, red rock basecamps, northern mountain cities and top historic basecamps on our cities and town page.

How to Support Local On Your Utah Road Trip

by Elainna Ciaramella

Many small businesses in Utah rely on tourism for survival. These expert tips help road trippers make a real difference in communities by supporting local.

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